Tune of the Week: Wanda’s “Bussi Baby”

Vienna rock band Wanda aren’t wasting time. Roughly a year after releasing Amore, their well-received debut album, the band are readying their sophomore full-length release. Where Amore was a Beatles-influenced pop rock album full of sing-along songs, Bussi looks to be a little darker and perhaps a little less classic rock sounding.

A few Austrian and German language music blogs and newspapers are arguing that previews of Wanda’s new album betrays the band as misogynists. However, as the German speakers would put it, it is Scheißegal. (What is an all-male rock band in their mid- to late-20s supposed to write songs about if not girls?)

Wanda make it clear why you should be listening: the music. “Bussi Baby,” the first single from Bussi, is hard to shake from your head with its chorus of chants, driving drumbeat and mildly aggressive attitude with a hint of naughty cheekiness. For those reasons it’s antiTastemaker’s Tune of the Week.

Bussi is scheduled for release in Europe on October 2, 2015.

Photo by Florian Senekowitsch


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