Tune of the Week: Battles’ “The Yabba”

NYC-based band Battles have released “The Yabba” as the lead off single from their third studio album, La Di Da Di. At near seven minutes long, the instrumental track engages in such a way that you do not even notice the absence of vocals let alone miss them. As the trio hammer away at their instruments with what sounds like the modernized and somewhat melodicized soundtrack to your favorite old school video game, effects whiz and buzz. The video, directed by Roger Guàrdia, matches the tune’s mesmerizing nature.

“The Yabba” seems to beautifully foreshadow Battles in 2015. Not only does the track act as the album’s opening song but it also teases the fact that the entire album is instrumental.

La Di Da Di is out now on Warp Records. Battles, meanwhile, are trekking across the US with their new album.
And, oh, by the way: holy pedal board, Batman!

Photo by Grant Cornett


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