Yaarrohs Premieres New Single “Amber”

Since the release of The Glitch Mob’s Love Death Immortality album in February 2014, Yaarrohs’ vocals for the band’s hit single, “Fly By Night Only,” has reached over three million listeners and can be heard in a mass chorus sung back to the stage by fans at every concert across the country. The stand-out track received spins on alternative radio stations ranging from SF’s LIVE105 to LA’s KROQ while the band’s sophomore album took the #1 spot on both Billboard’s Independent Album and Dance/Electronic Album charts. Her 6-track EP “Flesh & Blood” will be released on November 11th through the Glitch Mob’s Glass Air Records. The first single, “Amber” is available for download from Yaarrohs.com.

Yaarrohs’ sultry and smooth vocals carried you on a flight over The Glitch Mob’s extroverted production aesthetics in “Fly By Night Only,” but for her debut solo release, Flesh & Blood, the producer, singer, and songwriter delivers the sound of an introvert’s dream – as innocent as it is dark and as acoustically minimal as it is emotionally complex.

Yaarrohs takes your hand to dive into the fantasy with the first track, “Mountains,” a flight across peaks of ethereal vocals and valleys of padded chorus before touching down into the underworld dream that is “Sub Rosa.” Rooted at the center of Flesh & Blood is the world of “Atlas” and “Wrestle,” the entanglement of wild abandonment followed by the fragility of falling deep through love and loss. The dreamscape echos the universe in “Stars” and ends with a rebirth into the Flesh & Blood of stand-out single and EP finale, “Amber.”


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