Brooklyn Doom Band Godmaker Debut out on Aqualamb via 100 Page Book

Inspired by the the lack of album art in the age of invisible music, Brooklyn-based record label Aqualamb publishes 100+ page books of artwork and writings as a tangible accompaniment to its releases — a bit like extended liner notes — curated by its artists. The imprint’s latest release is from Brooklyn metal outfit Godmaker — two New Yorkers and two Kansans who have combined forces to crush your soul, break your heart, and rattle your innards. The Godmaker release is set for release on November 11th.

The thematic book features the artwork of DC Comic Artist Joseph Silver and Stephen Wilson along with photography and lyrics that provide a rich visual companion to Godmaker’s punishingly/defiantly heavy music. Atmospheric and thunderously loud riffs are combined with bursts of melodic virtuosity and sparse minimalism to create epic, violently technical structures. The book includes a download link to the 4-song, 33-minute LP that was produced and mixed by Justin Mantooth and recorded with the help of Phil Duke.

Preorders are available through


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