Zuby Nehty Release New Album “Kuby”

The legendary band Zuby nehty have recorded a brand new album containing thirteen new author songs. After fifteen long years, the ladies are back and under the supervision of Miroslav Wanek (Už jsme doma) they present the album called Kusy. It plays, rocks, sounds, purrs, scratches, bites, strokes, cuts and menaces as well. The record simply contains everything that we all so admire on this alternatively rock ladies band. And that includes the unmistakable poetry and wit which these musicians fascinate us with since the beginning of the band.

The band Zuby nehty is a rock legend which started based on a girl punk rock band Dybbuk. Their last album so far was the Loď odplouvá (1999) which was released long fifteen years ago. Since then, the band has gone through various line-ups with several breaks along the way only to come back in almost original formation. The album was produced by Miroslav Wanek who has worked with the band many times before, for example, on the first album by Zuby nehty called Utíkej (1993). But the real reason wasn’t a return to this album, as Marka Míková says. “We approached Mira because we believe he can clean up arrangements from unnecessary ornaments and is able to pinpoint and underline the essential. And that’s how it went down. I don’t think there’s any reference to Utíkej album. But it’s true that we weren’t looking for a new sound for the album, we didn’t want to experiment, and rather we remained truthful to our Zuby nehty past.” And it was managed perfectly on the new record.

Miroslav Wanek worked on the record with the band a long time before the recording started, since the first demos of these songs. The album was being recorded in the studio of Ondřej Ježek. The cooperation between the leader of Už jsme doma band Miroslaw Wanek and the band Zuby nehty was quite obvious; Wanek says about the band: “Zuby nehty are musical and songwriting phenomenon – if I should say it very briefly, I simply trust their music, there’s no calculation, no pose, no cliché. They have a sixth sense, they know how not to cross the thin line of shallowness and weakness.”

The album Kusy puts the band back to the forefront of alternative rock where they undoubtedly belong. Thirteen-song collection will delight not only old fans, but also anyone who is looking for intelligent and witty lyrics, original and imaginative rock and all that combined into a harmonious whole.


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