World/Inferno Friendship Society Announce ‘This Packed Funeral’ LP

International Brooklyn-based World / Inferno Friendship Society have announced their much-anticipated This Packed Funeral LP, available November 11, 2014, on the famous Alternative Tentacles California-based label. In the band’s unique punk rock cabaret style, the ten tracks on the LP feature their signature critically acclaimed romantic tangoing/violent break up inducing mayhem while expanding previously unexplored territory combining contrapuntal fugue, the rhythmic percussion of a New Orleans Funeral March and classic the hardcore punk sounds of Code Of Honor, TSOL and The Damned.

At their annual always-anticipated Hallowmas bacchanal, the famously incestuous collective will celebrate the release on October 31st in their hometown where fans will be able to purchase an advance copy of the record. An extensive tour of our great United States is to follow, the next fucking day! Two of the new songs, “The Packed Funeral” and “American Mercurial,” are streaming on the band’s website. Burn them and send them to your friends.

The style is punk, soul, klezmer and jazz, featuring horns, piano, guitar and a lot of boys and girls with very sharp teeth. The ensemble has over 40 members, including a guy from Dexys Midnight Runners who’s in Black 47 now. Crazy right? Only about 7 to 13 show up at any given time due to parole restrictions, but laws change from state to state and country-to-country so you never can tell how crowded the dressing room is going to be. The group is forced to continue with singer, Jack Terricloth, a prison baby who was placed in foster care after being born in the Clinton Correctional Facility for Women in Union Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

After being branded and taken away from his mother he was placed in the NYC foster care system where he met most of his future bandmates. Co-founding member of this bizarre gang of dangerous loonies, Scott Hollingsworth, is back and in the producer’s/piano stool after a 15-year hiatus, and will be touring with the band on keys this fall. Veteran member Peter Hess is also back in the fold, and is responsible for the stellar brass arrangement on the “Don’t get me started, Don’t get me wrong”, World / Inferno’s take on a New Orleans Funeral March.

Live Dates:
10/31 Brooklyn, NY @ The Wick

Track List:
01. Dolce Far Niente
02. American Mercurial
03. The Elegant Solution
04. Don’t Kiss Me, I’m Running Out of Lipstick
05. The Faster You Go, The Better You Think
06. Don’t Get Me Started, Don’t Get Me Wrong
07. Taken Down a Peg I Help Out the Squatters in the Subway
08. Dr. Dracula Who Makes You Get High!
09. This Packed Funeral
10. So Long Saving Grace

Photo by Dano Oestreich


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