Local H Fan-Funded Concert Film to Benefit Ex-Drummer Brian St. Clair As He Battles Prostate Cancer

Local H announced plans to offer up a fan-funded concert film for sale, with all proceeds going to former drummer, Brian St. Clair, who revealed last month that he was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. The film, titled “Exit Stage Right,” was shot during St. Clair’s final show with Local H in October 2013 at H.O.M.E., a venue in suburban Chicago. The film is available with a minimum suggested donation of $10.

St. Clair announced he was leaving Local H last fall to pursue other opportunities with his tour management company, Tour Time Productions (he has worked with Cheap Trick for many years), months before his shocking cancer diagnosis. Along with the news that St. Clair was leaving, the band also announced a farewell tour so longtime fans would get the chance to say goodbye and see him play with Local H one more time. Almost immediately, loyal fans began working on a way to put together a high quality keepsake of St. Clair’s time with the band. With the band’s blessing, but completely on their own, they contacted Bailout Pictures, whose owners are also fans of Local H, and worked out a plan to make it happen. Fans who chipped in for the film would get a high quality copy with no plans to make it more widely available, making it extra special for those die-hard fans. Those who contributed money to the making of the film are all credited as producers of “Exit Stage Right.”

As word of St. Clair’s illness got around, fans began to discuss a way to help defray the costs of his cancer treatment. Bailout Pictures finished editing the concert film right around the same time and it was obvious to all involved that they should use the film to raise money to support St. Clair, who has health insurance and is still working as much as he can, but is burdened by co-pays, deductibles and missing work due to his treatments.

“I have little interest in watching or listening to myself perform, so live recordings are usually strictly ‘for the fans,’ says Local H frontman Scott Lucas. “But this is on a whole different level. They took it upon themselves to document Brian’s last show and, I gotta say, they did a much better job than we ever could have. And though I’ve never really cared for the term ‘fan’- in this instance, it really does them a disservice. They’re producers. My hat is off to them. And, then they decide to use what they did as a way to help Brian?!? They’re not fans. They’re fucking family.”

St. Clair is humbled by the band’s and fans’ generosity. “I’m more than happy with the way the film came out. That the fans cared enough to do this, that it came out as well as it did, it means a lot. And, then together with Scott to offer it up in this way is really pretty amazing. I’m beyond grateful,” declares St. Clair.

St. Clair joined pioneering, two-man band Local H in 1999, after stints in noted Chicago groups Rights of the Accused and Triple Fast Action. He has played hundreds of shows with Local H and has recorded four full-length studio albums, a live album and four EPs in the past 14 years, including last year’s widely praised double-album, Hallelujah! I’m a Bum (2012), and the Another February EP (2013).

Local H records with Brian St. Clair:
Half-Life EP (Palm Pictures) 2001
Here Comes the Zoo (Palm Pictures) 2002
No Fun EP (Thick) 2003
Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles? (Studio E Records) 2004
Alive ’05 (Cleopatra) 2005
’99-’00 Demos (G&P Records) 2006
12 Angry Months (Shout Factory) 2008
Local H’s Awesome Mix-Tape #1 (G&P Records) 2010
Hallelujah! I’m A Bum (Slimstyle) 2012
The Another February EP (Slimstyle) 2013

Photo by Wade Hawk


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