Ray & Remora Premiere New Video for “Gold Soundz”

Ray & Remora, the electro-pop duo comprised of Dan Crane (Nous Non Plus) and Amanda Walker have debuted the new video for their lovely version of the Pavement classic “Gold Soundz,” which was premiered by Entertainment Weekly.

The video features appearances by such luminaries as Pavement’s own Stephen Malkmus, the amazing Kim Gordon, eccentric thespian Jeff Goldblum (!), longtime Beastie Boys collaborator Money Mark (who asked to have his scene shot at the Beastie’s old L.A. studio featured in the “Pass The Mic” video), plus Scott Shriner of Weezer, Inara George of The Bird and the Bee and Mike Viola of The Candy Butchers.

“We wanted to reference the original Pavement video somehow,” explains Crane. “That’s where the idea for the ‘chicken pamphlet’ came from. In the original video, the band dresses up in Santa suits and then shoots a raw chicken – or maybe it’s a turkey? It’s hard to tell – out of the sky with bows and arrows. So that became our quasi-religious symbol for the pamphlet we’d hand out.”

And how did Jeff Goldblum end up in here? “Through a very random series of events, we got him and his suitably handsome ginger-haired standard poodle, Woody. Apparently, Woody eats everything in Goldblum’s house, including pamphlets.”

Ray & Remora’s debut 1994 was released May 6th on Aeronaut Records. The 6-song EP combines Crane’s indie-pop sensibilities with Walker’s electro/trance vibes to celebrate some of the most influential indie rock bands of all-time with covers of classics by Guided by Voices, Dinosaur Jr., Superchunk, Pavement, Sebadoh and Weezer, all of which were originally released twenty years ago.

Last autumn, Dan Crane met Amanda Walker at a show in Los Angeles and the two started talking about working on some music together. Crane suggested they start with a cover, and the first track they worked on was “Like A Fool” by Superchunk. Not long after, they came up with the idea of doing an entire album of covers from the year that Superchunk’s album Foolish was released: 1994. After all, by the time their album was completed, it would be 2014, twenty years since these songs first came out.

the songs of 1994:
1) “Like a Fool” (original by Superchunk)
2) “Gold Soundz” (original by Pavement)
3) “Say It Ain’t So” (original by Weezer)
4) “Skull” (original by Sebadoh)
5) “Feel The Pain” (original by Dinosaur Jr.)
6) “The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory” (original by Guided by Voices)


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