Quick Hits: Andrew Judah, Motofightr, Pretty City, Hectorina, Radio Moscow

  • Andrew Judah‘s latest video “I Know You Know” trades the idyllic Northern Pacific climates of western Canada for the formidable tropics of The Philippines. Funded by a grant from Canadian telecom Telus and premiered on Buzzfeed, the Sam McLoughlin directed video explores the dangerous youth gang culture in Southeast Asia. McLoughlin will use the video, along with one for Son Lux to promote an upcoming documentary for non-profit group Hope For The Nations. Please join the discussion about Judah’s video and youth violence using the hashtag #childrenatrisk.
  • Motofightr have shared “Grow,” a teaser track from their forthcoming self-released debut EP, “Pacific Post Highway,” out July 15th. Motofightr is LA-based Alec Feld, who previously recorded as Expensive Looks, and San Francisco’s Miles Gabriel.
  • After gaining some attention with their rollicking straight-up rock’n’roll single “Piece Of The Puzzle” earlier in the year, Melbourne-based Australian lads Pretty City returned to the studio to capture some ideas that had been brewing on tour. The result is their new single “Roll On.”
  • Psychedelic rockers Hectorina have released a three-song live video! A snapshot of Charlotte, North Carolina band Hectorina at their rehearsal space performing two brand new songs and one from their latest album A Thousand Jackals. Production and camera work was done by Blake Raynor (Serfs, Young and in the Way, Dirty Art Club, Little Bull Lee) and his team with audio engineering by Daniel Hodges (Fun., Steal Train, Bleachers, It Looks Sad).
  • Radio Moscow‘s fourth studio album, “Magical Dirt,” was released this week through Alive Naturalsound Records. Classic Rock Magazine is currently streaming the entire album.


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