Chvad SB Announces New Album “Crickets Were The Compass”

New York City drone/ambient experimentalist Chvad SB has announced the upcoming release of his new album “Crickets Were The Compass.” The album will be released on June 30th by Silber Records.

For over 20 years Chvad SB has been performing & recording music, playing with a wide range of innovative and envelope-pushing bands like Things Outside The Skin (Invisible Records, Facility Records), Tongue Muzzle (Facility Records), The Qualia (WTII Records), and recently, experimental music pioneers Controlled Bleeding (Wax Trax, Soleil Moon, others). In addition he’s been doing film soundtracks that the folks at Fangoria find “discordant & discomforting.”

Chvad SB’s sonic experiments focus on finding new sounds & textures, but always with a human edge. Using a wide variety of instruments including modular synthesizers, found objects, hand- built instruments, guitars, and voice, Chvad SB builds soundscapes that are as unsettling as they are familiar. Many compositions & performances are entirely improvisational in nature while others are arranged & developed over the course of years.

On Crickets Were the Compass, Chvad SB has created a testament of loss. The music is made up of abstract passages, at times dissonant & at other times melodic. Soothing in some moments, aggressive & angry in others, the record tells a story of coming to terms with fond memories & letting them go.


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