American Songwriter Premieres the Collection’s “Capernaum”

Greensboro folk ensemble, the Collection, have just completed a powerful new album titled Ars Moriendi, due July 15th. The album’s title translates to “The Art of Dying” and its songs were written as the group mourned the loss of a close friend to suicide, trailing through the life changing questions that arose in response.

Listen to American Songwriter’s premiere of the orchestral roller coaster “Capernaum.”

The group, lead by lead vocalist and guitarist David Wimbish, prides itself as a community of artists, nurses, farmers, students, and everyone in between living life together. The majority of its members live on the same street (if not in the same house) in the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina, employing an assortment of instruments from drum and bass to phin and didgeridoo.

Watch NPR Music’s video premiere of the Collection’s first single “The Gown of Green.”

Ranging from 13-18 members depending on the day, the Collection have learned to complement their complex arrangements with moments of emptiness and simplicity allowing each separate instrument to shine through the mix. The full album, mixed by Jeff Stuart Saltzman (Menomena, Deer Tick), radiates with bold and excited vocal melodies reminiscent of Typhoon’s emotional anthems with intermittent moments of Sufjan Stevens-esque grandiosity throughout the orchestration.


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