Collapse Under The Empire Release “Stairs to the Redemption” Single

Collapse Under The Empire come forward with their new pre-single “Stairs to the Redemption” (released March 21st 2014). The single combines ambient and post-rock in a new way with its melancholic synth pads, electro beats and apocalyptic guitar sounds, that should bring fans of ambient sounds as well as fans of hard rock together.

Collapse Under The Empire is working together with London-based director Dan Tassell again on their video Stairs To The Redemption. Tassell also produced the music video for their single “Disclosure” from the first half of this project.

By publishing a new album this year, they will wrap up their two part concept album consisting of “Shoulders & Giants” (2011) and “Sacrifice & Isolation” (2014). “Sacrifice & Isolation” will be out on May 23rd 2014 and turned out as their darkest and most experimental album.

The Hamburg-based band has firmly established themselves in the post-rock scene throughout the last four years and has even acquired an international name. They have developed their very own electronic post-rock sound with their four previous albums and a series of EPs.

Photo by Oliver Sorg


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