Film Review: Juliet of the Spirits

It’s difficult to write a review of a classic, award-winning film like Federico Fellini’s Juliet of the Spirits. From 1965, the trippy, groovy, dreamy and colorful film that seems ahead of its time with its nod to the day’s youthful style. Prepare to be confused, enthralled and entertained.

Juliet (portrayed by Giulietta Masina) is a well-off and happily married housewife. Or at least, she thought she was happily married. As she begins to suspect her husband may be having an affair, she begins exploring her own thoughts, spirituality and independence. Her new neighbor, Suzy, is a young, hip girl with a home that is full of sin and hedonism that starts to influence Juliet.

Juliet of the Spirits isn’t a straight-forward film. It’s a film that can make an unexpected turn or twist at any moment. Told partially in flashbacks and illusions, Juliet of the Spirits offers more than just the film that you watch. It’s incredibly over the top with the costumes and settings acting as visual eye-candy. Juliet of the Spirits is thought-provoking without being dull. It’s a film ahead of its time.


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