Film Review: God Bless America

It’s not an uncommon sentiment that there’s hundreds of television channels these days but never anything on. It seems no matter where you turn there’s idiocy, stupidity, and a simple lack of intelligence. Bobcat Goldthwait wants revenge. The Goldthwait written and directed God Bless America imagines what it would be like for a vigilante, fed up with the mainstream culture going down the toilet, who takes matters into his own hands.

Frank Murdock hates his life. He’s divorced with a bratty child, fired from his job for “harassing” a coworker and he’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Fed up with his life and the over-the-top culture of reality stars, stupidity and mean, hateful loud-mouths on TV and radio, he decides to kill a spoiled 16-year old that was featured on a “My Sweet 16” type of television show. One of the girl’s classmates, Roxy, notices Frank and, thrilled with him killing the mean popular girl, begs him to take her along on his killing spree. And so he does.

God Bless America isn’t completely unlike World’s Greatest Dad, another Bobcat Goldthwait film starring Robin Williams. Both films focus on a miserable and depressed middle-aged man that doesn’t have a whole lot good going on in his life. And, it should be noted that Frank kills a Hollywood journalist who badmouths Robin Williams. Coincidence?

God Bless America is shockingly accurate at times with its commentary on the downward spiral of American culture. It’s unclear though why Goldthwait fictionalizes an American Idol type singer competition show, Howard Stern-type shock jock radio DJs and conservative television pundits but gives Roxy an entire speech in which she argues for murdering stripper turned screenwriter Diablo Cody. While the film is overly preachy at times, God Bless America is a typical Goldthwait black comedy.


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  • I really enjoyed this film. Haven’t seen any other Goldthwait-written films, but only discovered today that he is the guy that played Zed in the Police Academy series. How did I now know this?!

    • reverberations

      He’s also in a Snickers commercial with Robin Williams that’s currently airing on TV in the US.