Film Review: Capitalism: A Love Story

As the elections quickly approach in the United States, the country continues to fall apart. Instead of uniting around similarities and working together, the country has never been more partisan. We now live in a time and in a country where people that feel a certain way and believe certain things only watch certain television shows, read certain newspapers and visit certain websites that validate those feelings and beliefs. Apparently the concept of non-biased reporting is merely a myth. Or, so they say. And that’s what makes things difficult for Michael Moore and his films. In this case, Capitalism: A Love Story.

Moore’s preaching to the choir. The problem is that the people who need to see a different angle on the story they think that they already know will likely never watch a film with Moore’s name on it. It’s unfortunate but it’s true. And those “liberals” willing to watch? Well, they just get really pissed off by what they see.

Using his quick-cut style with old fashioned, black and white clips interspersed in an unnecessary and rather annoying manner, Moore addresses how capitalism has actually led to the current economic crisis in the United States over the past several decades — from housing and mortgage loans to employment to greed. And in the end, that’s what it all seems to boil down to: greed.

Capitalism: A Love Story is an eyeopener even for those who think they already know the story. But while you’re sitting there watching the documentary, screaming why don’t people seem to know these facts, it all comes full circle. The people that need to see this film, and others like it, just never will.


In a previous life, Corinne ran a music website. After going strong for a decade, the site went on a hiatus. Consider her the antiTastemaker.