Film Review: Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies

Iggy Pop might be known for rolling around on stage in peanut butter and cutting his own body, but GG Allin makes him look like a mere altar boy. The re-released documentary “Hated,” by Academy Award nominated writer/director Todd Phillips (“Road Trip,” “Old School,” “Starsky & Hutch”), showcases all of the late shock rocker’s antics and tries to offer some explanations for his violent misanthropic behavior. By way of interviews with former and then-current band members, his brother Merle, fans, former teachers and Allin himself, Phillips offers a graphic behind-the-scenes.

“My body is a rock ‘n’ roll temple,” a gum chomping Allin smugly tells Geraldo Rivera when asked why he defecates on stage. Allin seems always prepared for the questions that will undoubtedly be thrown his way, remaining calm and collected, saving his energies for when he gets on stage. Full of clever lines and always with his hoodie pulled over his head and wearing mirrored sunglasses when interviewed for the film, it is difficult to know who “the real” GG Allin is.

Relying on a mix of positive and negative commentary, it is a little disturbing. There is sadness in the eyes of one of Allin’s former high school teachers as he tries in vain to offer explanations for choices he obviously does not understand himself. Particularly unsettling is Allin’s vicious rant during a spoken word performance about a newspaper article questioning his long standing claim to commit suicide on stage. Whether trying to insight him or merely voicing her opinion, a woman in the audience states her skepticism of his alleged plan and is then attacked by Allin.

Full of black humor, “Hated” is a fascinating look at Allin and his band, The Murder Junkies. Somewhat disappointing, however, is the relatively brief amount of time spent on Allin’s actual music, using only a couple live performances and music here and there. The focus here is Allin’s shocking antics on stage and off and the film catches some incredible moments.

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